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ROKR Siege Ballista 3D Puzzle & Game

ROKR Siege Ballista 3D Puzzle & Game

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Discover the ROKR Siege Ballista 3D Puzzle & Game – Where History Meets Adventure!


Introducing the Robotime ROKR Siege Ballista, a wooden masterpiece that combines the art of assembly with the excitement of a war game. Crafted by Robotime, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, this exceptional 3D puzzle promises an unforgettable experience for children, boys, and kids aged 12 and above.

Brand: Robotime
Recommended Age: 12+ years
Origin: CN (China)
Gender: Unisex
Material: Wood
Certification: CE
Puzzle Style: 3D Puzzle
Style: Military
Model Number: KW401
Wood Pieces: 142pcs
Assembly Size: 210185190mm
Package Size: 304228165mm
Weight: 520g

What's Inside the Box:

  • Plywood pieces for assembly
  • English instructions for seamless construction
  • Essential accessories (Please note: Wax is not included due to international shipping restrictions.)

Why Choose the ROKR Siege Ballista 3D Puzzle & Game:

Unleash your inner strategist and adventurer with this awe-inspiring wooden puzzle and war game combo. The ROKR Siege Ballista is more than just a puzzle; it's an educational, hands-on experience that transports you to the world of ancient warfare.

A Glimpse of History: This model is inspired by the heavy ballistae used in historic sieges. It's a nod to the past, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship and ingenuity of ancient engineers.

Educational Fun: Perfect for young minds, this 3D puzzle encourages problem-solving, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. It's an ideal gift for inquisitive children and aspiring history buffs.

Quality Construction: Crafted with precision, the 142 wooden pieces fit together seamlessly to create a stunning replica. The absence of wax in the package doesn't hinder your experience, as you can use a candle as an alternative for smooth gear movement.

Creative Decor: Once assembled, the ROKR Siege Ballista becomes a unique and eye-catching display piece, adding a touch of military history to your living space.

Embark on an epic journey of assembly and strategy as you recreate a piece of history with the ROKR Siege Ballista 3D Puzzle & Game. Unearth the past and ignite your imagination – order yours today!

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