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Drone for Kids: Hand-Controlled Mini Drone - 360° Rotating Toy with Lights

Drone for Kids: Hand-Controlled Mini Drone - 360° Rotating Toy with Lights

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Introducing the FlyNova Pro: The Ultimate Hand-Controlled Mini Drone for Kids

Elevate playtime with the FlyNova Pro, a fall-resistant, fun, and safe drone designed for young adventurers. Boasting an intelligent design and easy operation, this 360° rotating toy with vibrant LED lights is set to redefine the way kids experience the thrill of flight.

Key Features:

  • Fall Resistant and Fun: The FlyNova Pro is engineered with a full protection design, ensuring durability and resilience to withstand playful adventures. Its innovative design makes it easy for kids to operate and enjoy the excitement of flight.
Drone for Kids
  • Instant Takeoff: Experience the magic of flight as soon as you throw the FlyNova Pro. With its swift takeoff capabilities, the fun begins the moment it leaves your hand.
  • Dazzling LED Lights: The dynamic RGB lights not only add a visually stunning element to the drone but also enhance visibility, making it a captivating spectacle both day and night.
Drone for Kids
  • 360° Rotating Wonder: Watch in awe as the FlyNova Pro performs mesmerizing 360° rotations, adding an extra layer of excitement to every flight.
  • Preferred Material for Safety: Crafted with care, the FlyNova Pro is made from tasteless paint, ensuring health and safety during play. The PP plastic construction is not only durable but also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Convenient Charging: Equipped with a 200mAh lithium battery, the FlyNova Pro offers a generous 10-minute flight time. Charging is quick and easy with the included USB charging cable, allowing kids to get back to the action in just 30 minutes.
Drone for Kids 2
  • Environmentally Conscious: The use of PP plastic underscores our commitment to environmental protection. The materials are not only safe but also contribute to a sustainable play experience.


  • Product Name: Flying Spinner
  • Material: PP Plastic + Electronic Components
  • Power: 200mAh Lithium Battery (Built-in)
  • Battery Life: 10 Minutes
  • Charging Time: 30 Minutes
  • Magic Wand Battery: 1*AAA Battery (Not Included)
  • Product Size:
  • Packing Method: Box
  • Features: Dynamic RGB Lights


Q1: How to turn on/turn off the FlyNova Pro? A1: Keep the charging port up, press the power switch, and swing the FlyNova Pro with your wrist. The wind blade will start to rotate. Swing it again to stop the rotation. Press the power button again to turn it off.

Q2: Why is it impossible to throw for return? A2: Keep the charging port up and throw it at an angle of 30°. The ball will fly back by itself. Practice a few times to become proficient.

Q3: Why does it turn off as soon as it falls? A3: This is a normal phenomenon. The ball will stop spinning when it falls on the ground. Throw it at an angle of about 30°, and it will fly back by itself.

Package Content:

  • Spinner Toy x1

Elevate playtime with FlyNova Pro – where safety meets excitement!

Drone for Kids

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