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Glowing Floating Ball Target Set

Glowing Floating Ball Target Set

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Introducing the Ultimate Glowing Floating Ball Target Set – Unleash Your Inner Sniper!

Are you ready to elevate your shooting skills to a whole new level? Prepare to be blown away by our state-of-the-art Targets for Shooting from Theefun! This isn't just a target practice set; it's an exhilarating game of precision and accuracy. Immerse yourself in the thrill of hitting five magically floating orbs right out of the sky – the ultimate bullseye experience awaits! And the best part? It's compatible with Nerf N-strike Elite, Nerf Mega, and Nerf Rival blasters, so you can take your shooting game to the next level, no matter your weapon of choice.

But that's not all – our target practice kit comes fully loaded with essential accessories, providing you with everything you need to sharpen your aim. Just load the target with 4 C batteries (not included), and you'll be on your way to becoming a shooting maestro in no time. Every Nerf enthusiast will adore this target practice set. All they have to do is ready, aim, and fire!

Please note: 4 AA batteries are required for operation and are sold separately.

Key Features:

🎯 2 Ways to Enjoy Shooting Game: Activate the floating ball shooting game or install the flip targets with the push of a button. Customize your experience by choosing whether to engage the galactic soundtrack. It's your choice – enjoy it with family and friends!

🎯 Great Target Practice Toy: These floating targets hover mid-air, ready to be shot down. Adjust the air stream and the hovering target's height by turning the knob. You'll soon become a shooting expert!

🎯 Perfect Gift for Nerf Fans: The ultimate gift for your Nerf enthusiast friends and family. Whether it's for a birthday, Valentine's Day, or any special occasion, they'll cherish this unique target practice set. Host a Nerf party and indulge in some friendly competition!

🎯 Easy to Play: Grab your trusty blaster and aim at the 5 floating orbs. Knock down all the targets from up to a 20ft shooting range using the included green darts. It's easy enough for kids over 6 years old, and it's a blast for big kids and adults!

🎯 Shooting Target Game Kit Details: The Floating Ball Shooting Game Set includes 1 target, 1 beginner's blaster, 10 orbs, 3 darts, and 1 fluorescent sticker to enable nighttime shooting. And remember, we're here for you if you encounter any issues.

Product Specifications:

This product is your ticket to the ultimate Nerf blasting extravaganza. It's designed to enhance your aiming skills, complete with a quick-access dart holder for effortless dart reloading. With this specially crafted target practice set compatible with Nerf N-strike Elite, Nerf Mega, and Nerf Rival Series, you'll become a marksman in no time!

Please note: 4 AA batteries are required for operation and are sold separately.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Target
  • 1 Beginner's Blaster
  • 10 Orbs
  • 3 Darts
  • 1 Fluorescent Sticker (for nighttime shooting)

Unleash your inner sniper and take your Nerf game to new heights with our Glowing Floating Ball Target Set. Get ready to experience precision and excitement like never before. Order now and start hitting those floating orbs with unbeatable accuracy!

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